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Humana stock sinks 13.4% – good thing we told you to sell it the previous day


Investing.com — Knowing when to sell a stock is arguably the most overlooked aspect in the journey toward long-term massive wealth creation. Oftentimes, investors will nail the right entry point amid a bull market but then bag-hold the gains until they become losses because they couldn’t tell when to take profits.

But luckily, with the new advances in the AI stock trading field, you do not have to go through that by yourself any longer.

For less than $9 a month using this link, our AI will not only tell you what to buy but also what to sell at the start of every month, thus helping you maintain your portfolio ready for the upcoming changes in the market.

In fact, at the start of April, our AI told you to sell Humana (NYSE:HUM) stock as part of its April rebalancing. And, just one day later, the stock tanked a whopping 13.4%.

Now, imagine losing 13% of your principal in one day because you thought $9 a month was expensive… Well, that’s basically what you are doing by trading without the help of AI computing.

In fact, we also told you to sell several other stocks this month. Curious to know them? Subscribe here with a 10% discount and find out if you’re still bag-holding any potential losers.

Every bull market has its Cinderella stories, and this one is no different.

For instance, those holding Pton shares in 2020 would have notched a massive 434% return if they’d sold the stock by January 1, 2021, a significant boost to their wealth.

However, if they missed this window and kept on holding the stock through today, they would not only have lost all their gains but also be sitting on an 85% loss.

Amid this year’s hefty gains, it will be just a matter of time before some current winners become losers.

Do not find yourself holding the bag again when the music stops! Subscribe to ProPicks for less than $9 a month and position your portfolio one step ahead of the market.

Not many readers would know that the real secret to ProPicks’ outperformance lies in our AI’s ability to separate winners from losers on a monthly basis.

By compiling the history of the stock market in data and state-of-the-art fundamental analysis, our AI manages to keep your portfolio forward-looking – meaning it will not tell you to buy stocks that are already overextended nor to bag-hold stocks past their prime.

For instance, had you followed our Tech Titans strategy since the start of the year, you would have beaten the NASDAQ Composite by more than threefold.

In the long term, the performance is even better. In fact, our strategy has returned an outlandish +1,779.8% compounded return over the last decade, or a +1,512.1% outperformance over the main US benchmark index.

This means a $100K principal invested in the strategy ten years ago would be nearing close to $2 million dollars by now – $1,789.8, to be more precise. A similar S&P 500 investment would have yielded you $360,200.

Simply put, following this strategy to the mark will most likely get you rich in the long term. And that’s for just under $9 dollar a month!

*And don’t forget your free gift! Use coupon code PROPICKS20242 at checkout and get an extra 10% off on all our subscription plans.

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