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BofA warns of potential MoF FX intervention as USD/JPY nears 155


On Tuesday, Bank of America (BoA) highlighted the possibility of foreign exchange (FX) intervention by Japan’s Ministry of Finance (MoF) as the USD/JPY currency pair approaches the critical level of 155.

This level is widely regarded as a threshold that could trigger action from the MoF. The speculation comes ahead of the Bank of Japan’s (BoJ) monetary policy meeting scheduled for April 25-26, 2024, which may prompt the market to test this “line in the sand.”

The BoJ has previously indicated that the weakening yen could influence its policy decisions due to its effect on inflation. However, BoA analysts believe that merely repeating this stance will not suffice to bolster the Japanese yen (JPY).

To provide substantial support to the JPY, the BoJ would need to signal a shift in policy to less accommodative measures, hint at an imminent rate hike, possibly as soon as June, and suggest a higher terminal rate than the market currently expects. These outcomes are considered unlikely by BoA economists.

For the BoJ to consider adjusting its policy based solely on FX dynamics, a significant surge in the USD/JPY pair, potentially beyond 165, would be necessary. Such a move could increase the risk of inflation expectations exceeding the BoJ’s 2% target in a disruptive manner.

Market participants remain bullish on USD/JPY, anticipating either an intervention from the MoF to buy the dip or sufficient catalysts to breach the 155 level.

BoA’s analysis suggests that the MoF might be ready for intervention this time around. The USD/JPY pair crossed 152 following the release of a strong U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) report on April 10, 2024, and has since climbed above 154. Despite this ascent, the MoF has not yet stepped in. Initially, it was thought that the MoF’s threshold for action was between 152 and 155.

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However, certain factors may have previously deterred the MoF from intervening, leading BoA to believe that the MoF is now poised to take action if necessary.

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