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Major Bitcoin Statement About Berkshire Hathaway Made by Michael Saylor


U.Today – Michael Saylor, a prominent Bitcoin advocate and founder of the MicroStrategy business intelligence giant, has published a tweet about the world’s flagship cryptocurrency and one of Bitcoin’s biggest critics Warren Buffett and his investment giant Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRKa).

This tweet came out after the first Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting that took place earlier this week. For the first time since the company was founded, the meeting took place without Buffett’s right-hand man and vice president Charlie Munger. The latter passed away in November last year at the age of 99.

Munger was and Buffett remains a persistent critic of Bitcoin, claiming that BTC is going nowhere. Once Buffett even referred to it as “rat poison squared.” However, last year, the primary cryptocurrency amazed the financial world by surpassing Berkshire Hathaway by the size of its market capitalization and leaving it far behind.

At the time of this writing, Buffett company’s market cap stands at 862.05 billion, while Bitcoin already boasts $1,245,020,193,429.

Saylor tweeted that he only hope he sees for the company legendary to the investment world is Bitcoin.

In his tweet, Saylor hints that Warren Buffett should consider following in the footsteps of MicroStrategy. This company has been steadily buying BTC since the August of 2020.

In April, the company purchased another 122 BTC lump with $7.8 million. This increased its overall holdings to 214,400 BTC evaluated at a whopping $13.22 billion on the balance sheet. Thanks to Bitcoin and the money raised from shareholders to buy more of it, MicroStrategy’s market capitalization now holds at $21.57 billion.

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Over the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has managed to stage a recovery of almost 7% as it suddenly rose from the $59,000 price tag to $63,190 where it is changing hands as of this writing.

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