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These stocks are up 12%+ in premarket trading today – Could they keep on gaining?


Investing.com — Added by our predictive AI to our Tech Titans strategy at the beginning of the month, RingCentral (NYSE:RNG) stock is soaring an amazing 13% in premarket trading after crushing analysts’ estimates in revenues and EPS and providing impressive guidance for the quarter ahead.

Similarly added to our Best of Buffett strategy in March, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (NYSE:LPX) is also up nearly 12% in premarket trading today after crushing analyst estimates for both earnings and revenue.

But after this amazing jump, can these stocks keep on gaining?

While no one knows for certain, if you want to play the probability game, our state-of-the-art AI stock-picking tool will give you significant leverage in your decision-making process for just under $9 a month using this link.

By compiling the history of the stock market in data, our AI-powered tool will pick stocks before they become too expensive, thus not just following a “momentum” model. It will also sell the stocks it considers too expensive, thus keeping the picks updated in the long run.

RingCentral’s and Louisiana-Pacific’s wins contribute to the remarkable roster of winners identified by our AI during this earnings season, which our premium users leveraged to secure unprecedented market gains.

In fact, had you subscribed at the beginning of this month, you would have already profited from several double-digit gainers in the month’s first trading week. Just to name a few others:

Wayfair (NYSE:W): +38% in May. Perficient Inc (NASDAQ:PRFT): +55% in May. United Therapeutics Corporation (NASDAQ:UTHR): +13.6% in May.

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But how could you have known enough to buy all these winners ahead of their reports?

Well, truth be told, you probably couldn’t. The market has thousands of stocks, most of which I’d be better off staying clear.

However, the good news is you don’t need to go through another earnings season by yourself any longer.

For just under $9 a month, you can use the big data processing power of our state-of-the-art AI to help you separate the winners from the losers – no guessing game anymore.

Still skeptical? Well, then, I guess you’ll want to take a look at these numbers:

Since we launched our service in late October last year, all five of our strategies have not just beaten the S&P 500 as much as they have literally crushed it.

In fact, our top-performing strategy is up 65.8% in the period, compared to the S&P 500’s much smaller 12.76% gain.

Our remaining strategies have also crushed the market:

Beat the S&P: +29.6% since launch. Top Value Stocks: +33.2% since launch. Dominate the Dow: +17.1% since launch. Midcap Movers: +20.2% since launch.

Here’s how main US benchmarks fared during the same period:

S&P 500: 12.76%Dow Jones Industrial Average: 7.19%NASDAQ Composite: 14.29%

This is not a backtest performance. These are real gains reaped by our users who have followed the exact strategies since the launch.

Indeed, the backtest shows that playing the longer-term game is even better for our users. See chart below:

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Do not miss out on the next winner; subscribe now for less than $9 a month, and never miss another bull market again by not knowing which stocks to buy!Source: ProPicks

This means a $100K principal in our strategy would have turned into an eye-popping $1,879,800K by now.

Now, as earnings season heats up, the question is: Will you keep on guessing or have an insight into the winners?

For less than $9 a month, that decision has never been easier.

Join now and never miss another bull market again!

*And since you made it all the way to the bottom of this article, we’ll give you a special 10% extra discount on all our plans with the coupon code PROPICKS20242!

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