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Factbox-EU to target LNG, ships, violations in new Russia sanctions package


BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union ambassadors will hold a first discussion on Wednesday on a planned 14th package of sanctions against Russia over its 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The European Commission has set out a series of proposals, according to a document seen by Reuters, which are outlined below. It is also proposing 52 new names for its sanctions list.


The EU would ban provision of re-loading services by EU facilities for trans-shipment of Russian LNG to third countries. This does not affect imports into the EU.

The EU would also ban new investments and the provisions of goods, technology and services by EU operators for the completion of LNG projects under construction such as Arctic LNG and Murmansk LNG.


The EU would ban from its ports and locks ships that have contributed to Russia’s war effort.

This could include the transport of goods generating significant revenue for Russia, goods or technology used in the defence and security sector or shipment of fuels outside the G7 price cap system.


EU operators would also be held accountable if non-EU entities they own or control flout sanctions.

For sensitive goods that are used on the battlefield or are critical to Russia’s military, operators would have to have due diligence systems to identify and mitigate risks of exports to Russia. Failure to do so could leave the operator liable.

Such EU operators would have to contractually oblige third parties not to make available in Russia related intellectual property rights or trade secrets and to report any breaches.

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EU would prohibit political parties, foundations, think tanks and media providers from receiving financing, donations or other economic benefits from Russia.

The proposals also include adding Voice of Europe, RIA Novosti, Izvestija and Rossiiskaja Gazeta to the sanctioned media list.


The EU would ban the import of helium from Russia and impose further restrictions on exports of goods that could boost Russian industry, including manganese ores and rare-earth compounds, as well as excavating machinery and electrical equipment.


Clarification that rough diamonds imported from Russia before Jan. 1 and polished diamonds imported before March 1 or Sept. 1, according to weight, would not be covered by a ban.


Proposal is to tighten prohibition on Russian flights to include any aircraft where a Russian person or entity determines place or time of landing and places obligation on operators to give authorities details of plane ownership and, in some cases, passengers.

It also tightens rules on transport of goods by road to exclude companies in which Russian persons or firms own 25% or more.

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