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UK election: Exit poll forecasts major Labour win, historic Tory loss


Investing.com – Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, is on the brink of becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, based on the latest exit poll predictions.

The survey indicates that the Labour Party is heading for a historic victory in the parliamentary election, while Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party is predicted to encounter a record defeat.

The exit poll indicates that Labour could secure 410 seats out of the 650-seat parliament, establishing a majority of 170 and marking the end of the 14-year Conservative reign. In contrast, the Conservative Party is expected to secure only 131 seats, a steep decline from the 346 seats they held when parliament was dissolved.

This would mark the worst electoral performance in the party’s history, a result of public dissatisfaction with the cost-of-living crisis and years of political instability and internal disagreements.

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Pat McFadden, Labour’s campaign coordinator, emphasized Labour’s readiness to implement change, stating, “If we are successful tonight, Labour will get to work immediately with our first steps for change.”

The Liberal Democrats, a centrist party, are projected to secure 61 seats, while the right-wing populist Reform UK, led by Brexit advocate Nigel Farage, is expected to win 13 seats. Despite Reform UK’s better-than-predicted performance, the overall election results seem to indicate a shift in public preference towards the centre-left.

The Scottish National Party (SNP), known for its pro-independence stance, is forecasted to win only 10 seats – their worst performance since 2010. The SNP has faced significant turmoil, including leadership changes, a police investigation into party finances, and policy disagreements.

The exit poll’s accuracy is generally reliable, with only one misprediction in the last six UK elections. The official results will be released in the next few hours.

Sunak’s decision to call an election earlier than necessary in May, despite trailing Labour by approximately 20 points in opinion polls, surprised many. His hope that the deficit would dwindle, as traditionally happens in British elections, did not materialize during the campaign. A series of scandals, including suspicious bets placed on the election date and an early departure from D-Day commemorative events in France, further marred the Conservative campaign.

If the exit poll proves accurate, it would represent a significant comeback for Starmer and the Labour Party. Despite the lack of overt enthusiasm for Starmer, his straightforward message promoting change seems to have resonated with the voting public.

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