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Kamala Harris may win ‘overwhelmingly’ against Trump: Schiff


Vice President Kamala Harris is increasingly viewed as a potent contender for the 2024 presidential election amid growing concerns surrounding the mental fitness of President Joe Biden.

Top Democrats consider her a likely successor to President Biden if he decides against running.

With the backing of party heavyweights and a growing alignment of Democratic donors, Harris’s prospects are being seriously considered in light of potential matchups against Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Harris, who has served as vice president for over three years, has faced challenges such as staff turnover and policy initiatives with mixed success. However, her stance on abortion rights and outreach to young voters have boosted her profile.

Despite a rocky start, her position within the Biden administration appears to have stabilized, with campaign officials expressing confidence in her role.

Recent polls indicate a close race between Harris and Trump, with some surveys suggesting she could perform better than Biden.

Notably, a CNN poll from July 2 shows a narrow margin, with Harris trailing Trump by just two percentage points, well within the error margin.

Moreover, independents and moderate voters from both parties showed a preference for Harris over Trump.

“I think she (Harris) very well could win overwhelmingly, but before we get into a decision about who else it should be, the president needs to make a decision about whether it’s him,”  Congressman Adam Schiff (D) said to NBC News on Sunday.

“Either he (Biden) has to win overwhelmingly, or he has to pass the torch to someone who can.”

Internal polling from the Biden campaign echoes these findings, indicating Harris has an equivalent chance of defeating Trump as Biden does.

Republican donors have also weighed in, with some expressing a preference for Biden to remain in the race over facing Harris, who they perceive as a stronger candidate. 

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