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BofA sees further dollar depreciation, expects G10 FX to stay in range


On Monday, Bank of America (BofA) analysts provided insights into the current state of G10 foreign exchange (FX) markets, noting a general sentiment of disappointment among investors due to the markets’ lack of volatility.

Despite a recent reversal in the U.S. dollar (USD), major currency pairs have not moved significantly, staying within their established ranges. BofA anticipates further depreciation of the USD, yet it emphasizes that the currency’s movements are expected to remain close to year-end consensus forecasts.

The analysis highlighted that while markets have expressed a desire for more excitement in G10 FX trading, they must come to terms with the inherent trade-off between carry trade opportunities and higher volatility. Carry trades, where investors borrow in low-yielding currencies to invest in higher-yielding ones, have been identified as a dominant trend post-global financial crisis.

However, this strategy tends to reduce market volatility, leading to what BofA describes as an “uninspiring” and “stuck in the mud” trading environment.

BofA’s commentary suggests that the pursuit of carry as a passive strategy has been a factor in dampening volatility in the FX markets. The firm underscores that investors should not expect both high carry returns and high volatility, as these market conditions are typically mutually exclusive. The lack of clear fundamental trends in G10 FX has been a source of frustration for markets, but the current trend of carry is clear, even if it leads to lower volatility.

The analysts also touched upon the anticipation around the next batch of U.S. data, which many investors hope might shift the narrative. However, BofA indicates that such expectations may be overly optimistic. The firm’s message to the markets is to adjust expectations and accept the current dynamics, with the USD continuing to play a central role in the G10 FX space.

In summary, BofA’s analysis points to a continuation of the recent patterns in G10 FX markets, with a slight downward trend in the USD value but within the bounds of recent trading ranges.

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