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BofA sees potential for further USD selling by CTAs


On Monday, Bank of America (BofA) provided insights into the potential actions of Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) in the coming week.

According to BofA, CTAs might continue to sell the U.S. dollar (USD) against most currencies following a trend that emerged after the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report led to a weakening dollar. The bank’s models indicate that USD long positions have been reduced this week.

The bank’s analysis suggests that in the foreign exchange (FX) market, CTAs are likely to persist with short covering in the euro (EUR), British pound (GBP), and Canadian dollar (CAD).

Additionally, there is an expectation for CTAs to increase their recently established long positions in the Australian dollar (AUD) and potentially initiate a long position in the Mexican peso (MXN), given the positive trend strength for the peso.

In the commodities sector, despite an increase in the price of gold last week, the trend for the precious metal declined, prompting CTAs to sell, albeit at a slower pace. BofA anticipates that this trend of selling gold and oil will continue into the next week.

The analysis also noted that CTAs’ long positions in copper are nearing extremely high levels, while long positions in aluminium are being unwound. In contrast, soybeans are experiencing short covering.

The bank’s report serves as a gauge of how trend-following traders might adjust their portfolios in response to market movements.

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